Whitworth University offers a variety of resources to help students succeed academically and personally. There are many ways you can find support, whether you would like help with writing a paper, are feeling homesick, or just need to talk to someone. Here are some key resources to help you thrive at Whitworth.

Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring
Many of the more challenging courses at Whitworth offer supplemental instruction (S.I.) or tutoring sessions for students. These include Core, science, world languages, math and computer science courses. Supplemental instruction sessions are collaborative learning sessions led by student leaders. Students who participate have higher grades! Check out the supplemental instruction and tutoring times under “Academic Tutoring & Resources” on this webpage.

Student Success Center
Whitworth’s Student Success Center offers a unique program called success coaching that helps students learn skills to improve their academics. Trained peer coaches can help you develop skills to be successful like time management, goal setting, note taking and more. This program is especially helpful for new students who are learning how to transition from high school to college academics. Learn more or sign up on the success coaching webpage

Counseling Center
The Whitworth Counseling Center is available to help you with any emotional or mental health concerns. Talking to a nonjudgmental counselor can help you understand how you are feeling and provide you with solutions. Full-time undergraduate students have access to 10 free counseling sessions per academic year, and all appointments are confidential. Visit the counseling center website to make an appointment. 

Composition Commons
Whitworth Composition Commons (the writing center) is available to help you with your writing assignments at any stage of the process. The writing consultants are Whitworth students who represent various academic departments. They can help with brainstorming topic ideas, drafting and organizing a paper, editing for grammar and more to be successful in your writing. You can make an appointment at the Composition Commons website or stop by in Whitworth Library Room 242. 

Academic Advisors
Every first-year student is assigned a faculty advisor upon signing up for First-Year Seminar. However, you can change your advisor after the seminar course if needed to fit your major or interests. An advisor is an important person to go to when you’re figuring out your class schedule or considering what you want to study. You will meet with your advisor every semester to schedule classes for the following semester. However, you are also encouraged to see your advisor whenever you have academic questions or concerns or need help with reaching your goals. 

Residence Assistants (RAs)
Every residence hall on campus has a resident assistant on each floor to support you and help you navigate living at Whitworth. They are there to get to know you, answer your questions, build community in the residence hall and keep residents safe. Also, one RA in your residence hall is on call every night, so someone is always there to assist you at any time.

Written by Denali Herrick ’24